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British Hip Hop

Configa - Configaration Volume 1 LP

"Configaration Vol 1 can rightly be called a Magnum Opus due to the quality of the music and selection of features who do not disappoint... Configa has really pulled out all the stops for this one... Massive!"

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SLAMJamz Records


"The Highly Anticipated 'Configaration Volume One' from UK's Hottest Hip Hop Producer, CONFIGA, is now officially available for download."

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Album Review: Configaration Volume 1

"Configaration Volume 1 is a celebration of the timeless elements of hip-hop that fans have come to love in the decades of its evolution."

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Rap Reviews

Configa :: Configaration Volume 1 :: SlamJamz Records

"One way to prove your underground hip-hop bona fides is to have Chuck D do the intro to your album firing shots at mumble rappers and trap rappers. That's how UK producer Configa launches his latest album, the 16-track 'Configaration Volume 1,' proving that he's no mere true school wannabe."

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Hip-Hop Life And Times

Configa – 'Configaration Volume 1' LP

"We live in a world where it’s a consume and throw away society...But with Configa, here you have a man who takes time with his craft, sculpts and moulds his soundscapes...and always keeps to the raw essence of Hip Hop. I often get angry at people who still try to say 'Hip Hop is dead.' REALLY??? Sorry guys you just ain’t looking in the right places because this album... is testament that Hip Hop is alive and well."

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No Sellout Records

Exclusive Interview With Configa

"Listen to our interview with legendary boom bap/true school hip-hop producer/artist Configa of SLAMjamz Records."

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No Sellout Records Magazine

Configa - "Configaration Vol.1" Album Review

"A sublimely unique, untethered and emotion invoking affair from start to end, "Configaration Volume 1" will stand out, going forwards, among the greatest albums of recent times in the eyes of many... This is a must have for any hardcore enthusiasts collection or a dream come true for a loved ones Christmas morning."

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the Music Box

Configa - 'CONFIGARATION Volume 1'

"As soon as the intro kicked in I already knew I was about to hear something special."

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Hip Hop Needed Surgery to Survive; Dr. Configa Performed it Successfully.

"From beginning to end, this album revives Hip Hop into what it should be in the modern day, great music with great beats and great rhymes... Do yourself a favor. Pick up Configaration Volume 1. Welcome back, Hip Hop. We missed you."

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"You have to get this album. It delivers hit after hit of non stop rhythm, soul and lyrics."

>>>Read the review by Dawn Piercy at ANEW


SLAMjamz Records


"Producer/Artist Configa hails from the United Kingdom and delivers raw and authentic Hip Hop Beats and Musical Production that will quench the thrist of those who yearn for Real Hip Hop."

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Configaration Records

#ConfigArmy Raise Up!

"Configaration Records is thrilled to announce that our very own CEO, Configa, has just released a new promo video for his upcoming album, ‘Configaration Volume 1’, out November 21st on SLAMjamz Records."

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100 Underground Empire

Configa Releases Promo Video For Upcoming Album Featuring Chuck D

"Recently signed to SlamJamz Records, UK Boom Bap producer & Configarations Records owner; Configa, releases a promo video for his upcoming album 'Configaration Volume 1' featuring Chuck D."

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Old To The New

Configaration Volume 1 Album Trailer – Configa

"UK producer Configa calls on Public Enemy’s Chuck D to help spread the word about his forthcoming SLAMjamz-released project 'Configaration Volume 1'."

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Interview with Configa

"In anticipation of his upcoming release through Chuck D’s SLAMjamz Records, ‘Configaration: Volume 1’, I sat down with Configa to tap into the mind of the boom bap beatmaster..."

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"Hailing from Newcastle, England, CONFIGA joins SLAMjamz International as a prolific producer / beatmaker / artist. Configa brings a catalog of Hip Hop Genius which includes impressive work with...a host of both legendary and Underground Artists."

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>>>Check out Configa's artist page on SLAMjamz Records


Mixtape Sessions Radio Show

Configa Talks Hastility - Interview

>>>Interview at Mixtape Sessions Radio


Hip-Hop Kings

Configa and Hastyle – Hastility

"From police brutality, racial injustice and more, Hastility is an aggressive project which will suit the true-school Hip-Hop fan to the bone."

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Hastility-Rap It Up!

"In a time when beats pretty much are copy pasted waste and rap has devolved into mumbling jumbled verses you can't understand, this album is CPR to Hip Hop. You won't find any bling, lean, or tight jeans being hyped in its songs but you will find a social commentary on almost every real issue happening in the world today... If you are a fan of real rap, intelligent lyrics with unique production, and real soul behind it check it out!"

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BDD Community

Album: Hastilty H1

"Configa’s diversity in this creation blew my mind... It’s a dark, behind the alley, street level album. With real talk and straight up truth speaking through an MC (Ha-Style)."

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Hip-Hop Life And Times

Config & HaStyle – 'Hastility (H1)' LP out NOW!

"Hastility (H1) flows seamlessly with cleverly worked samples and cuts that compliment the music without overpowering... a record that oozes the Golden Era Sound, whilst commenting on the issues that face us today."

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Adam's World

Vid Pick: Configa & HaStyle – Hastility

"Configa has been a purveyor of true school hip-hop for as long as I can remember... His collaborations with emcee HaStyle have been a hip-hop head's dream. Dope beats, great lyricism, and fantastic flow, highlight their work together, and with their latest, 'Hastility,' they continue this trend."

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The Music Box

Hastility (H1) by Configa & HaStyle

"This is [a] very well put together piece of work. The production, beats, samples, lyrics and flow all make 'Hastility' a dope album... If you are a real hip hop fan with a love for that 'Golden era' feel 'Hastility' is for you! If you like great production, this album is also for you."

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Hip-Hop Life And Times

Configa & HaStyle – 'Hastility' VIDEO + 'Hastility (H1)'

"Oooohhh Shit, yeah! Check out the DOPE long awaited first single and video from UK producer Configa and NYC emcee HaStyle with the title track from their highly anticipated album 'Hastility (H1)'."

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BBD Community

A Good Combination Or I’ll Say A Great Combination

"My most played artist group right now is Configa and Hastyle Rhymes... It's got some great beats comin at ya from the beat maker Configa and the story telling style from Hastyle Rhymes that gives the beats a story to listen to. Every song on this album has a thumbs up for me."

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Hip-Hop Life And Times

Configa & HaStyle – "A Good Combination" EP

"'A Good Combination' is an aptly named title for this second EP of 2015 from the producer/emcee duo, with the UKs Configa providing the head nodding beats... Everything about this release is dope from the track 'Jedi Mind Tracks' with Configa's ill production and HaStyle telling the story of the battle of minds in a relationship, through to the joint '12Monkeys' a track about people not meeting expectations within the industry... There seriously isn’t a weak joint on this dope EP!"

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Mixtape Sessions Radio Show

Configa & HaStyle "A Good Combination" - Interview

>>>Interview at Mixtape Sessions Radio


Mos Eisley Music

Configa & HasStyle - The Calm Before Hastility EP

"Here's another top class rap release coming to you in the form of an 8-track EP featuring the seriously dope combination of UK producer Configa on the beats NY-based rapper Hastyle. The name of this funky hip hop-monster is 'The Calm Before Hastility' and it's everything that an oldschool b-boy could wish for... There's a positive and highly entertaining character to every tune on this release which should find a spot in your record collection very soon."

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Wayne's Hip Hop Blog

Configa & HaStyle Presents "The Calm Before Hastility" EP

"This was a DOPE EP all around, featuring the simple yet effective practice, if you will, of dope beats and rhymes... and I personally recommend you check this out, it's worth the time!"

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Hip-Hop Life And Times

Configa & HaStyle Present – 'The Calm Before Hastility EP' OUT NOW!

"UK producer Configa is back with a bang as he teams up with NYC emcee HaStyle for this dope EP to kick the year off!... Configa lays down the dope soundscape of soul filled samples, head nodding, neck snapping beats as HaStyle laces the musical canvas with his lyricism... What I love most about this project is the time and love that has obviously gone in to it... for me you can't beat a producer/emcee collaboration where they work closely together to produce a piece of art, which is what we have with Configa and HaStyle Present The Calm Before Hastility."

>>>Read the full review at Hip-Hop Life And Times


The Legal Dope Spot

Configa & Hastyle – The Calm Before Hastility

"The Calm Before Hastility EP is a breath of fresh air in this age of trap beats and simple rhymes. Configa provides a classic old school, boom bap sound while Hastyle laces the beats with a tapestry of rhymes and stories that will take you back to the beginning stages of real hip hop."

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Hip-Hop Life And Times

Configa Presents: 'Calm Before The Storm' (Album Review & Stream)

"Calm Before The Storm is a perfect example of how to incorporate all the new and interesting music of current, as well as not forgetting the roots of hip-hop, culturally, politically and musically… 'Calm Before The Storm' is how you write a record using influences of the past, every day life and make it all sound progressive and new."

>>>Read the full review at Hip-Hop Life And Times


Word Is Bond


"Configa provides a slew of dope beats which have been liberally peppered with a whole host of other artists from all shores… A great listen from start to finish."

>>>Read the full review at Word Is Bond


Hip Hop 4 Days

"Configa really has a golden era authentic vibe and sound... The tracks bang and with a real funk fueled undertone throughout this is easy listening for those who love 'real' music... 'Calm Before The Storm' is in fact a very special project and proves the fact that Configa is definitely a producer to watch. This is 'a stop what your doing and buy now this NOW' type release! We're loving this."

>>>Calm Before The Storm review no longer available online


Freshmen Media

Configa Calm Before The Storm Mixtape... Out Now

"The brother Configa with the ill album that is receiving rave reviews EVERYWHERE, and deservedly so, the kid comes with the boom bap, understands his foundations and conveys that through the music consistently… Salute."

>>>Read the full review at Freshmen Media


Enigmily Blog

"This is a dope showcase of Configa's incredible beat-making/production talent... One phrase that you’ll notice quite a bit in this review is 'classic Hip Hop', and that’s because that is exactly what Configa does on this release."

>>>Calm Before The Storm review no longer available online


The Legal Dope Spot

Configa Presents - Calm Before The Storm

"'Calm Before The Storm' is quality music in every way possible. For a guy from the UK after listening to this album you would think he grew up in Harlem rocking Timbs and Kangols and tagging bodega walls in back alleys. This my friends is classic hip hop! This is why I listen! This is a masterpiece."

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Rap Reviews

Configa: Calm Before The Storm Mixtape

"There are winners over and over again here... There's too much talent here to ignore in front of and behind the boards."

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Configa Presents: "Calm Before the Storm"

"UK producer Configa, brings another dynamic combination of sounds that give his listeners the tools to kick back and vibe out. 'Calm Before the Storm' is a smooth blend of old school hip hop, with new school productions."

>>>Read the full review at L3GACI


Raw Roots

Configa - Calm Before The Storm

"This is a twenty track collection of the underground's finest MC's spittin' flamez over Configa's incredible boom-bap driven beats... the music speaks for itself and all of the beats are original Configa compositions... Configa is about rhythmic 'Golden Era Real Hip-Hop' with that unique head nodding instrumentation."

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Rap Reviews

Configa: Pac to the Essence Volume 1

"... this album re-imagines old tracks featuring 2Pac in a brand new light with enough style and flair that it's a truly enjoyable experience... 'Lie to Kick It' with Richie Rich is a fresh track that arguably is improved dramatically. The beat to the original was overly simplistic, while Configa's take on it is 1970's soul meets a Dr. Dre roll, wrapped up in a fat funk smoky blunt. This toke could have been a surefire (radio) hit."

>>>Read the full review at Rap Reviews


Beneath The Underdog

Configa - Pac To The Essence Volume I

"The introduction of this LP is a slice of Hip hop reminiscent of Artifacts 'That’s Them' Intro, a nice heavy dose of scratches with a dope instrumental to get Hip hop fans salivating. And then it hits, a bossa xylophone, energy filled 2Pac interview snippits, KRS-ONE 'Sound of da Police' woooo woooo sample and the great break beat, overall a dope as hell start... Vocal samples, horns and a ride in the Hip hop carnival ensue and I'm glad I bought the ticket… I have to admit as a person that's not particular[ly] fond of Pac's LPs, Configa turned a light on that has made me appreciate Pac's genius and that's testament to the production. Overall this is one of the few highlights of this years Hip hop offerings and is a must have for anyone that loves Hip hop."

>>>Read the full review at Beneath The Underdog


Collectors Item

Configa of Slept On Fam - "Hot Off Da Press" & "15 Minutes"

"Configa provides head nodding tracks with dedicated lyrical talent in the tradition of the great feel of classic 90's hip hop... Each song goes beyond the average hip hop track by providing depth and focusing upon valuable qualities of life such as self confidence, inspiration and perseverance."

>>>Read the full review at Collectors Item


Adam’s World

Artist Of The Week - Slept On Fam

"... the accolades are really starting to pour in including a Group Of The Year honor at the second annual Get 'Em Magazine music awards, where Slept On Fam beat out Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia."

>>>Read the interview with Slept On Fam at Adam's World


Rap Reviews

Slept On Fam: Audio Crack

"... Configa and his splendiferous sonic scenery... What makes Configa so good? Really, anything that ever made Premier or Large Pro so good. Don't take it as direct comparison, but when he's at peak form, the sampling is superb - whether it be the indulgent disco/funk cut and paste on 'That 70's Joint' or descending xylophone of 'Beginning to End'. His cuts during hooks are fitting, and the drum patterns are precise, hard, and oh so dusty. Blending seamlessly with his samples, Configa's percussion serves a purpose beyond keeping beat... 'Audio Crack' starts strong and goes out harder than it came, beats and rhymes coming full circle for a very satisfying close... 'Audio Crack' might be one of the strongest albums for 2006."

>>>Read the full review at Rap Reviews


The Muse’s Muse

CD REVIEW: Slept On Fam - "Audio Crack"

"It's not often that I get a group Rap project that embodies this much personality, influence, and talent. Slept On Fam has managed to successfully blend the musical influences of street credible rap acts like the Wu Tang Clan, Heltah Skeltah, De La Soul and Mobb Deep, with their own effusive style and flow... With carefully integrated samples that are laced throughout this project and strategically placed in their organic production, they consistently deliver tracks that showcase identity, skill, and depth that both new and old school hip-hop lovers can appreciate. This is a healthy (audio) crack epidemic that the industry can benefit from."

>>>Read the full review at The Muse's Muse


UK Hip Hop

"... there’s no doubt that Configa serves up the production crack for those audio canals. Crisp high hats and snappy base, the tracks have a clean, well produced feel... 'Audio Crack' is an album which rarely steers off the course between solid and banging, making it a very smooth and enjoyable journey indeed. With the skills they display on this release and with Configa's superbly solid beats behind them, this is a group that could and should get some serious attention."

>>>Audio Crack review no longer available online


The Producer's Den

"This is that raw hip hop that everybody has been desperately claiming they want back for the past few years... Slept on Fam ferociously feeds the listener that grimy underground hip hop."

>>>Audio Crack review no longer available online


Blues & Soul Magazine

"... this transatlantic crew deliver a hefty dose of punchline-filled verses over Configa's stirring production."

>>>Audio Crack review appeared in Blues & Soul Magazine printed edition



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