Configa - Configaration Volume 1 LP Configaration Vol 1 can rightly be called a Magnum Opus due to the quality of the music and selection of features who do not disappoint... Configa has really pulled out all the stops for this one... Massive! >>>Read the review by Esh at British Hip Hop  ” - Esh

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SLAMJAMZ INTERNATIONAL NEW RELEASE: CONFIGA - CONFIGARATION VOLUME ONE (CV1) IN STORES The Highly Anticipated 'Configaration Volume One' from UK's Hottest Hip Hop Producer, CONFIGA, is now officially available for download. >>>Read the press release at SLAMjamz Records  ”

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Album Review: Configaration Volume 1 Configaration Volume 1 is a celebration of the timeless elements of hip-hop that fans have come to love in the decades of its evolution. >>>Read the review by Alandra Peabody at Medium  ” - Alandra Peabody


Configa :: Configaration Volume 1 :: SlamJamz Records One way to prove your underground hip-hop bona fides is to have Chuck D do the intro to your album firing shots at mumble rappers and trap rappers. That's how UK producer Configa launches his latest album, the 16-track 'Configaration Volume 1,' proving that he's no mere true school wannabe. >>>Read the review by Patrick Taylor at Rap Reviews  ” - Patrick Taylor

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Configa – 'Configaration Volume 1' LP We live in a world where it’s a consume and throw away society...But with Configa, here you have a man who takes time with his craft, sculpts and moulds his soundscapes...and always keeps to the raw essence of Hip Hop. I often get angry at people who still try to say 'Hip Hop is dead.' REALLY??? Sorry guys you just ain’t looking in the right places because this album... is testament that Hip Hop is alive and well. >>>Read the review by Stix at Hip-Hop Life And Times  ” - Stix

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Exclusive Interview With Configa Listen to our interview with legendary boom bap/true school hip-hop producer/artist Configa of SLAMjamz Records. >>>Listen to the interview with No Sellout Records  ” - Chad Cobra

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Configa - "Configaration Vol.1" Album Review A sublimely unique, untethered and emotion invoking affair from start to end, "Configaration Volume 1" will stand out, going forwards, among the greatest albums of recent times in the eyes of many... This is a must have for any hardcore enthusiasts collection or a dream come true for a loved ones Christmas morning. >>>Read the Review the review by Chad Cobra at No Sellout Records Magazine  ” - Chad Cobra

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Configa - 'CONFIGARATION Volume 1' As soon as the intro kicked in I already knew I was about to hear something special. >>>Read the review by Miss Radcliffe at the Msuic Box  ” - Miss Radcliffe

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Hip Hop Needed Surgery to Survive; Dr. Configa Performed it Successfully. From beginning to end, this album revives Hip Hop into what it should be in the modern day, great music with great beats and great rhymes... Do yourself a favor. Pick up Configaration Volume 1. Welcome back, Hip Hop. We missed you. >>>Read the review by That Cicero Guy at Medium  ” - That Cicero Guy


ANEW Album Review "CONFIGARATION VOLUME 1 You have to get this album. It delivers hit after hit of non stop rhythm, soul and lyrics. >>>Read the review by Dawn Piercy at ANEW  ” - Dawn Piercy